Max Reger Violin Sonatas Op.84 and Op.139


Takaya Urukawa, Violine
Maureen Jones, Klavier

Sonate in c-moll Op.139, Con passione:
More audio samples can be found below. Andere Hörbeispiele finden Sie weiter unten.

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1 Sonate in c-moll Op.139, Largo:

2 Sonate in c-moll Op.139, Vivace:

3 Sonate in c-moll Op.139, Andantino con variazioni:

4 Sonate in fis-moll Op.84, Allegro moderato:

5 Sonate in fis-moll Op.84, Allegretto:

6 Sonate in fis-moll Op.84, Andante con variazioni:





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