Joseph Woelfl. Piano Music, Volume One


Adalberto Maria Riva, piano

01 Sonata Op.113, Introduzione: More audio samples can be found below. Andere Hörbeispiele finden Sie weiter unten.

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Joseph Woelfl (1773-1812), a friend of the Mozart family from childhood, was one of the best-known musicians of his day: he was regarded as a rival of Beethoven in Vienna and a worthy successor to Haydn in the musical life of London. His late-Classical piano music sits between Mozart, Haydn and Clementi and looks forward to Schubert and Mendelssohn. This first-ever project to examine it in any detail hopes to rescue Woelfl’s once starry reputation from the folds of history.

02 Sonata in C-minor Op.113, Fuga:

03 Sonata in C-minor Op.113, Allegro molto:

04 Sonata in C-minor Op.113, Adagio:

05 Sonata in C-minor Op.113, Allegretto:

06 Sonata in B-minor Op.38, Allegro:

07 Sonata in B-minor Op.38, Adagio:

08 Sonata in B-minor Op.38, Presto:

09 Sonata in F-Major Op. 27/2, Allegro:

10 Sonata in F-Major Op. 27/2, Andante:

11 Sonata in F-Major Op. 27/2, Allegretto:




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